Brand meaning

Wolves+Power= the Wolf that have powerest in the pack is the Wolves' King and leader.
WolvesPower wants to be the industry leader.
Wolves survival is in the harsh environment to create a strong living space;
Wolves team is to build strong team strength in the organization full of fighting;


WolvesPower Story

WolvesPower is an constant innovation  brand, innovation has never stopped since the company founded in 2014, especially in the enterprise development bottlenecks encountered in 2015 began a lead-acid battery with research and development, it has brought the unprecedented challenge for the factory, so we tried again and again, more than 30 brands more than 200 lead-acid battery charging curve comparison, and as much as 70 times of production process improvements, in technology to realize the lead-acid battery repair the charger can charge can repair, prolong the service life of lead-acid battery, and put forward the concept technology can repair charge.
Every product of WolvesPower charger seems to just change its appearance, but in fact, every link from design, research and development to production is a re-invention and creation. With the spirit of craftsman, the team of WolvesPower charger has finally made a repair charger product, show customers the better product.