WolvesPower R&D department established in 2015, began to independent research and development lead-acid battery charger, now the team has two senior undergraduate electronic hardware engineer, 1 master's senior software engineer, 1 undergraduate software engineers, 2 test engineers and three technical back-up personnel, a product designer and structural designers.In terms of research and development, we will continuously increase the investment in software and hardware for scientific and technological innovation, and cooperate with many authoritative experts and laboratories in the power industry to form a strong research and development system.

In order to realize the lifelong mission of reducing lead pollution for the whole world, we devote ourselves to our own field wholeheartedly. In terms of technology, we have realized the lead-acid battery charger that can charge and repaire, extended the life of lead-acid battery, and put forward the technical concept of " can charge and repaire".With a lot of efforts, the technical force of WolvesPower charger has been recognized by world-renowned enterprises. Not only in China, but also in the foreign automotive supplies market, WolvesPower charger has also made a name for itself. As the leader of the world in repairing chargers, it will continue to develop.