Wolvespower repair chargers teach you how to use and maintai

 News     |      2018-11-26 19:36
Wolvespower repair chargers teach you how to use and maintain lead-acid batteries

1, the lead acid battery discharge depth of the battery cycle life has a great impact, this is because the deeper the discharge depth, the larger the electrode expansion and contraction, the more positive active material shedding, resulting in sulfide, to a certain extent lost discharge characteristics, performance decline, serious until the end of life.So the battery should be used to avoid deep discharge, do shallow discharge frequently charge, general situation should do use discharge depth of 70% or so when the charge is the best (that is, the remaining electricity and about 30%).
2, the charging current should be less than or equal to the battery can accept the charging current, otherwise, the excess current generated by overcharging will make the electrolyte water consumption too fast, and produce serious gas leakage phenomenon, the time is long will make charging becomes very difficult, so as to prevent overcharging.Regular manufacturers of chargers can ensure that the battery is not overcharged.
3, lead acid battery discharge to the termination voltage, continue to discharge (over discharge) will seriously damage the lead acid battery, this is because it is very easy to form irreversible sulfuric acid at this time, so that the charging recovery ability becomes poor, or even unable to repair.It is worth noting that the electric car lock once closed began to use electricity, although the current is small, but if a long time of discharge, the battery will appear discharge.Therefore, do not open the lock for a long time, should be closed immediately when not in use.
4, lead acid battery is particularly afraid of loss of discharge, loss of battery placed 3-7 days, there is a possibility of permanent damage, therefore, the battery after use as soon as possible to charge.For batteries not used for a long time, the battery should be charged every other period to compensate for the loss of self-discharge power when the battery is stored.
5. The static battery placement time shall not exceed two months at most. The static battery placement will cause less damage to the fully charged battery and greater damage to the loss battery!Seventy percent of the discharge after charging is recognized in the industry is the best way!