How to maintain and charge electric vehicle battery?

 News     |      2018-11-26 19:34
How to maintain and charge electric vehicle battery?

Important tips for Wolfvespower charger repair:
The battery that USES on average car is lead-acid accumulator can use 3-5 years long, and your electric car just USES a year to run not far less than, master correct use method is the key that lengthens life.Not because the battery quality is different, but people know better than you maintenance.How to maintain and charge the electric car battery?
Note when using electric vehicles:
1, to timely charge, with about 70% recharging is better;
2,The car should not be stored for a long time. It will be scrapped after two months.
3, can not often over load operation, overload will cause early retirement battery
4, in rainy days, the water level on the road can not exceed the motor shaft, otherwise the motor is easy to burn out;
5, buy a new car a week later, check the standard parts, the best point of sale to check.
Note when using the car:
1, Avoid using high-power electrical appliances when parking and waiting.High-power appliances include headlights, fog lamps, seat heating, audio and air conditioning.
2, Check whether the headlights and roof lights in the car have been turned off before parking and leaving.Generally speaking, with the reduction of the rated capacity of the battery, if the car forgets to turn off the headlights after parking and leaving, and there is no automatic light off function, the probability of not being able to get on the car in the morning can reach 99%.
3, long time without the vehicle should be pulled out of the battery cathode.There is also a weak current consumption in the vehicle circuit system, and the battery will be exhausted if the vehicle is stationary for a long time.
How to maintain and charge electric vehicle battery?